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Air France Flight #447





CA Bans Gay Marriage... and other real headlines

CA Gay Marriage Ban Set to Pass

Passage of Prop 8 Shames CA

Nation watches as CA votes on gay marriage ban

CA opposes gay marriage, but still likes to suck cock


OK - one of those isn't real...

Chimpanzee Rides Segway

I never thought there were three more beautiful words in the English language than "I Love You" until now

Obama Kills at the Al Smith Dinner

Odious YouTube Trend - The Musical Montage Tribute to TV Characters

I'm morbidly fascinated by a YouTube phenomenon - the musical tribute to TV characters. I thought I'd share this particularly egregious, cringe-inducing example on this lovely Friday afternoon.

The Wire: Where Are They Now?

Jamie Hector - a k a Marlo Stanfield - will be featured on Heroes this season as villain Benjamin "Knox" Washington.

Ninja Cat

Wanted - Someone to Read Watchmen and Discuss and See the Movie Next March with Me

This trailer doesn't seem all that exciting unless you've read the book, which I'm in the middle of.

Whither Michael from The Wire? 90210.

It seems the second coming of Omar has up and gone to Beverly Hills. Tristan Wilds - Michael Lee from seasons four and five of The Wire - will be a character on the new 90210. What's next? Dukie in Gossip Girl?

Save the People of from Evil Insects

There's a crazy Japanese website that reformats other websites into a video game landscape in which you have to save people from giant, marauding insects.  You can save people on MB here or you can just go to the main page and save people on another site by typing in the URL.


So there's a lot of controversy - OK, well, maybe just a bit of controversy - surrounding the use of the word "retarded" in Tropic Thunder.  Considering the movie also has Robert Downey Jr. in blackface, the producers ought to be pretty pleased.  The movie uses the word so heavily because it's poking fun at Hollywood's patronizing portrayals of mentally disabled.  With that in mind, for your viewing pleasure, here are some wonderful clips from Riding on the Bus with my Sister.  (PS - Mere, I still can't embed videos directly into my posts.  This site is retarded!)


Internal HRC Campaign Memos

These memos from Mark Penn and other senior advisors on the HRC campaign are fascinating.  Good lunchtime reading.

Urgent TiVo Request

We TiVoed so many Olympics programs while we were away that TiVo deleted the SYTYCD finale and the Opening Ceremonies.  Does anyone still have either of those programs?  If so, let's talk.

PS-I officially have Phelps Phever.  (It's actually why I was so congested all weekend.)

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