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Two Contestants, Three Rounds


The theme of the finale is “boxing.”  The show opens with boxing announcer Michael (“let’s get ready to rummmmble”) Buffer introducing Davids Cook and Archuletta by weight and hometown.  They appear in boxing robes, hopping up and down like boxers getting warmed up.  Jim Lampley, who I recognize as a sportscaster, maybe a boxing sportscaster, serves up soundbites, “you gotta get in and hit hard . . . . be brave; a faint heart never fought hard . . . . In a three round fight, you want to pace yourself . . . .”  And on and on.  Seacrest, wearing a natty grey three-piece with an ultra-narrow, ultra-straight black necktie, gets the show started by interviewing the Davids. 

Clive Davis is allowed (inexplicably) to choose the first song, as he does every year.
David Cook sings U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”  The judges are generally positive, but not overwhelming in their praise.  I can’t be more specific than that. Liz won’t let me rewind it.

Archuletta sings Elton John’s “Don’t let the Sun Go Down on Me.”  He gets up on stage and bobs around to the music as awkwardly as ever.  But then he opens his mouth and I hear the voice of an angel. 

20 Questions: Guess who's all knocked up?

Besides LC and Jamie Lynn Spears.   I have been authorized to disclose this information to the community.  All posts must either be in the form of a yes/no question or a guess as to the identity of the impregnated one. 

It is a Boy!

Hey - for those of you following the whole LC/CA pregnancy thing, here's a quick update: the sonogram today revealed that the baby is going to be a boy.  Everything else looks good - two arms, two legs, a spinal cord, a head, etc.  We're very excited.

Shasta Shorn

  Maybe he's shy about his new look.  Maybe he's been rendered as Samson, arms too weak to lift hands to keyboard.  Maybe he's just been busy.  Whatever the reason, ShastaMcNeasty has been uncharacteristally quiet about his recent transformation: 

 Pictures here

Here Comes the Fun


"It's Like Readin' the Torah!"
"The Moon Sets in the House"

SYTYCD - Spoilers

Anybody catch the kid from Houston on SYTYCD last night?  He was poppin' and lockin' up a storm.  I had to watch it over and over again.  I couldn't believe it was real.

Green Leafe Death Threat

Fans of the rock band My Chemical Romance have threatened Glenn Gormley with death after members of the band became ill and canceled shows after eating at the Green Leafe

Name that Estate

Many of you have already visited the new home of Senor and Senora Banagrabber. For those of you who haven't - a brief description: late-20th-century-modern dwelling, large windows, open kitchen/dining room with state of the art appliances, wine refrigerator, and granite countertops, four bedrooms, on a spacious, wooded lot. In fact, the only thing missing, as its owners lamented last night, is a name.

To remedy this, I propose a naming contest.  Once the nominations have been submitted, the community can pick the best name for the Bananagrabbers house.

My first two nominees:

 - "Passing Water" in honor of the lovely stream which flows through the backyard.

 - "Passing Wind" in honor of the warm spring breeze blowing across the deck

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