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13 inches and growing

Jon and I decided that we are finally ready to upgrade our tv to something other than the fancy 13-inch vcr combo that currently resides in our living room.  However, neither of us are educated enough on the current trends to make a confident decision on what we should buy.  This is clearly the crowd to ask: we're looking for a bargain, and nothing too over-the-top.  Since our tv area is in a corner (i.e. on a diagonal), I don't think we can actually mount anything on the wall.

 What do you guys recommend?

Finale Predictions (and spoiler)


Was anyone else surprised to see Courtney knock Chelsie out of the top 4?  Did not see that one coming.  I think I really want to see Twitch win it-- what do you think?

Another free book site


It's another incredibly slow day at my temp job. I am so hungover from last night (we had friends in town from the UK) that I feigned some apartment plumbing issues and slept in for an extra two hours today while I was "waiting for the plumber."

I decided that instead of being even remotely productive, I'm going to refresh myself on Harry Potter. The 6th movie will be here before we know it, and I can't even remember who the Half-Blood Prince is. Very excited about my new website find.

What to read?


I am on a reading tear this summer-- I can't stop! TV has taken a backseat-- except for Deadwood (which I totally missed the boat on the first time around-- I am OBSESSED) and SYTYCD, I've been completely disloyal to the DVR.

I just bought three new books today. Which one should I read first (and possibly choose for the next book club)? I don't know how to do Mere's voting thing, sorry...

Loving Frank: A Novel

How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

The Year of Magical Thinking

Book clubbers

I have way too much time on my hands at my National Gallery temp job. I actually downloaded the book club book so I'd have something legitimate-looking to do on my computer! Am I the last person to know about this site?


So my job search wears ever on, but I've decided to take on some contract and consulting work in the meantime, and I'm finding that I like it better than anything else I've ever done. I'm not sure if this can be a sustainable career, but if you all know of anyone who is in need of an event or meeting planner, could you please keep me in mind? I'm working on an event for NPR right now, and I've taken on some more weddings-- I'll do corporate or private events. Thanks, guys!

Looking for an apartment

Know of any good 2-bedrooms in Northwest? Looking for a place to rent-- preferably near a metro-- starting May 1. Any thoughts appreciated. So excited to be coming home!

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