OMG! PRudd on VM

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OMG! I was giddy like a school girl that Paul Rudd was on VM this week. I luuurrrvvvee him. And he was the hilarious loser rocker guy. Love it. You know, I am going to be totally sad when VM is cancelled and Piz goes to the other show. I love him. Logan sucks. Team Piz!

Seriously every line PRudd had was awesome. Calls Piz - Puss. Always confirm the accuracy of photos. That Veronica looks like a young Barbara Eaton. I am missing Night Court. Indie Rock or Rock Rock.

Then Dick Ghost Riding on YouTube and ran over his foot. F-ing hilarious.

Max and Mac and hot nerd on nerd action. They actually used real nerdy terms. Not Linux box, but pretty close and actually accurate.

And Leo is back as a deputy and he was a cutie the first time around. 


I'm with Julie- Pizz stinks

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ANd so does wallace- they should just let him go.  And seriously?  they would rehire leo after he stole and sold evidence??? please.  so dumb.  GG wasn't that good either- like logan would really say all or nothing?  please.

Team Logan 4-Ever

Not my favorite episode, but I did love ghost riding the whip and Mac and her new bf. And Leo. How is he going to be on VM and Ugly Betty? VM Leo is hot, UB Leo is not. Supposedly VM is likely to be renewed b/c of GG leaving, but will most likely be Veronica in the FBI and none of the other cast members will be staying around. Sad, I really like all of the other cast, especially Keith.