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Blogging the show. Final 10 dancers. There are totally people in this top ten who should not be here. Kameron I am calling you out.

We are now going to an all call in vote for people to get kicked off. OMG! Mia Michaels is back as a judge this week! Love her! Along with the amazing Mary WOOOOOOO! Murphy and Nigel. 

So everyone is doing solos by Wade Robson as well as couples dances. New partners this week and for the rest of the weeks.

First group - Lauren and Pasha - with Shane Sparks hip hop routine. Its the first hip-hop routine Pasha has had to do, he was not totally in the groove, but I thought it was a good performance. Nigel thought Pasha did very well, he thought Lauren did well. Mary thought it was great, she thought it was cool. No WOOOO but she does have a fever for seeing more Pasha and Lauren!!!! Mia being Mia had her first back handed comment to Pasha but then thought they both did well.    

Jamie does the first solo. It was good but I have to say I am totally annoyed by the peace signs. Nigel thought she needs more emotion. Mary loved it Mia thought she danced well but needs to step it up.

Dominic solo - Didn't realize they were all going to do the same dance to the same song. Jamie was better then Dominic. Nigel thought it was tight and lacking technique. Mary thought it was lacking technique. Mia thought he did well but wanted more.   

Kameron and Sabra are next doing a contemporay routine from ty disorio. Their dance is to amazing grace. I thought it was athletic but not emotional. Nigel thought kameron did a good job dancing but they were not connecting. I will agree. Mary parrots Nigel. She also says he does not extend. She tells Sabra that she is perfection. Mia tell Kameron that his style and technique isn't very good. Aside - What the hell is mia wearing? She loves Sabra. 

Sara solo - It was good, really hate the peace sign at the end of the routine it seems forced. Jamie still did the best version. Kat Deely is 7 feet tall.  Nigel thinks she need to make her movement bigger. Mary thought she was terrific. Mia got misty.

Pasha solo - He got good ups. Nigel thought he was out of his league. Mary said he surprised her. Mia thought it was awkward. 

Lacey and Danny - Samba with Dimitri from year's top ten!!! For those of you who did not watch last season Dimitri never had his shirt on so this should be a hot dance. I like how they are letting last years dancers be choreographers. While they were both very good, I don't feel like they connected very well. It was very separate dance for me. Nigel thought Danny's performance was very good. Mary didn't like Danny's performance but she thought it was lacking in technique. Thought Lacey was fabulous. Mia thought it was the sexiest dance so far. She says Danny is the Stallion of Dance. 

Lauren solo - whatever I am so over this dance. Nigel thought it was great how she played to the music. Mary thought it was great. Mia <heart> lauren.

Neil solo - crap he can really jump. I like Neil. Nigel thought his shoulders were going to high and not enough emotion. Mia and mary said ditto.

Sabra - back to being over this dance. Kat Deeley is an Amazon. Nigel thought it was fantastic to watch. Mary bows down to Sabra. Mia said Sabra is her favorite dancer. 

Kameron solo - He totally can't jump as high as the other guys. Pasha had more ups. Nigel liked it. Mary connected with it. Mia liked it. 

Jamie and Dominic - Viennese Waltz with someone I haven't heard before. Dominic is funny.  I like him. Its a very nice waltz. I think we might get a scream out of mary this time. Nigel thought that dominic was too hammy and he didn't like it. Mary thought it was over the top and cartoonish. footwork was not correct and no chemistry. Mia tells Jamie to close her mouth and Dominic to get training. Ouch. I like both of them I hope they don't get voted out. 

Lacey solo - So Lacey was very close to jamie in my opinion. She is just too cute and a really good dancer. Nigel thought it was tremendous. Mary loved it. Mia thought it was great. 

Danny solo - So he was the best. He just moves so well. Its really just a pleasure to watch him. He seems so tall but Kat is still taller. Nigel thought it was beautiful to watch but he wants more emotion. Mary thought it was terrific. Mia thinks that he can be a very very famous dancer because he is such an amazing dancer. 

Sara and Neil - Disco routine with dorianna sanchez. Holy crap that was a huge jump that neil did. It was a open back flip. That was a super fun dance. I liked it. My favorite of the night. Nigel loved it. Mary thought it was fun fun fun. Mia thought it was great and calls them the biggest dorks in the best possible way. 

Well I hated the peace dance overall, but after seeing it 10 times I never want to hear that John Mayer song again. I have no idea who will be kicked off. 


Just watched it

I actually liked the peace dance all ten times, maybe I'm emotional after my trip or something. I thought it was disgusting that people called in to complain about it. What fucking losers. Lauren and Danny are my two favorites. I do love the show, I agree with josh in that the talent level is so much higher than AI. And they are all good looking, which helps.


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IMDB lists her as 5'9- there is no f-ing way!!!

4 inch heels

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I think she is always wearing 4 inch heels so that gets her to 6'2 but I think Danny is probably 6 feet so I think she is still taller then 5'9

excellent summary

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One thing that was desperatley missing was highlighting the part of the horrible peace dance when they all screamed (good grief!) and wade's lame as poo explanation at the begining- and the t-shirts?.  God it was so over the top and when nigel talked about lauren and sabra leaving him with hope for peace I almost threw up in my mouth.  I still think lauren stinks and never should have made it past that dance for your life when all she did was take off that awful 80s bellaro (sp?) jacket.  When danny stood next to cat deeley to announce his number mo and I were also trying to figure out how tall she is.  Danny has to be at least 6'1, so given the size fo her heels I'm guessing cat deeley is like 6'3??  Is that possible???

I love this show and loved lacey and danny as partners and agree that neil and sarah's dance was perfect!  the open legged flip?  goodness gracious!


i thought lauren was the best of the night -- really crisp -- followed closely by sabra and lacey.  it'll be a tight race between the three, with lacey or sabra slightly ahead of lauren.  danny's got the final locked up; no other guy is as good as him.  this show is so much better than AI that i don't even think i can watch AI anymore.  the artistry, the talent, the variety, the quality of the judges and their commentary - it's on a superior level with project runway.

Those three girls are my favorites too!

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Initially I thought Lacey had it in the bag, but that Sabra is definitely coming on strong. I like Lauren a lot too. I'd out Jamie and Kameron.