If I was drinking milk it would have come out my nose

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30 Rock was hilarious last night. If you do not have this show in your tivo, drop grey's this show is better. The Maxim shoot, the negotiations, the entourage. It was just hilarious. I feel like this show is what I want out of a comedy show on network tv and it has never worked before.

I also love the office which last night was great as well. With Dwight going through the house to find structral damage was just great.  


negotiation scenes

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with the big chairs and small chairs, then no chairs. god, it is so good. and tracy jordan gets better everytime. if you don't have a two-tuner dvr or tivo, abc and lifetime reruns old episodes of grey's, usually in order. i'm addicted to the show now. it is seems i like everything that travis can turn into a lame gay reference.

Agreed all around

30 rock gets funnier every week almost. Last night was fantastic. I laughed for five minutes after they agreed to meet at 2:30 AM. Too good. We've been watching grey's online (which is also a very great show). Well worth it to watch 30 rock.

You know how I love my big Beef n Cheddar!

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Funnier every week. Seriously. The episode where Tina is afraid of choking on food alone in her apartment and tries dating a woman is also a classic.