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So I love watching snowboarding. I hated actually snowboarding because I don't like to do things I am not good at from the start and I suck and snowboarding. So I am going to just stick with skiing as my winter sport, but MAN I love to watch some good snowboarding.

And really - I am not going to get over it, but Kudos to the BBC for showing everything at some point in time (sometimes at 3am) but whatever I don't watch anything in real time anymore so as long as I am able to tape it, that is fine with me. So I have been able to watch all qualifying, quarters, semis and finals of the mens and womens snowboard cross. WHICH WAS AWESOME. There were points during the races where I was screaming at the TV when it was close. Just great tv watching and great sport. 

Now - onto the half pipe. Watching all the semifinals. Can I tell you that I love the US snowboarding outft with the snowpants that look like jeans. That's awesome and why has that not been thought of before. Go Ralph Lauren. 

I think I will just have a full post about Shaun White because I love that SD boy.

So there is some french snowboarder show has this great french moustash and it is hilarious. The announcer has said he has the symbol of suaveness and sophistication - the traditional french moustash. Hee hee! He looks like Boris from Boris and Natasha. 

It really just makes me smile when they do those big tricks. Frontside 900 nice.