Its been a while

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So yes - it has been a year since I have posted here. I got caught up in the social networks and travelling and work. Mostly work. I haven't been able to give myself the space to think about things to write about. So I am trying to be back soon. First by upgrading this site, then by figuring out the purpose of this site. Until then. I leave you with alternative options for things to listen to. Some of my favourite podcasts:

The Nerdist culture gabfest

This American Life

Stuff you missed in history class

Stuff you should know

The moth podcast

NPR planet money


That should keep you busy for a while.


Does this site have an archive?

It's election day 2012.  I was hoping to go back and read some of the posts from around the 2004 election.

 Also - are you still spelling favorite with a "u"?