yes we can

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this video surely represents everything travis hates about democrat-loving-hollywood., of the black eyed peas, and jesse dylan, son of bob dylan, produced a music video of obama's NH primary concession speech. it is so so good. and, here's a wash post article about what people are calling a "Semi-spiritual, uplifting, a fusion of progressive narrative with religious and emotional sentiment. It's an inspirational slice of the civil rights movement legacy."


No You Can't

Check out Mcain's video

well done!

good job to both lange and jerry!  I am partial to Hillary, and Jerry articulated why.  I'm afraid once the general election hits, people will dig much deeper than the inspirational speeches.  That said, I do love Obama too and will happily put 1000% behind Hillary or Obama as the Dem nominee.

Love that video!

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He's definitely got a presence. No doubt about it!! Had no clue Scarlett Johannson could sing. That guy from 6 Feet Under was in it too

She has an album coming out this month

It was a shameless plug

I haven't 100% decided yet either

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But am leaning towards H.

Is anyone voting for Hilary on tuesday?

I still feel like I'm not 100% sure

post the issues that matter to you

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and i'll respond why obama is the right choice, and travis can respond why you should vote for hillary. :)

or, you could both vote for huckabee in the republican primary just to f*ck with their party's nominee.

yes i can

i'm voting for obama just because he's chosen to paraphrase one of sigma nu's worst smoker posters.


actually, Romney is withdrawing from the race this afternoon, so there isn't really anything to be done to mccain. something i've been saying since FL. i think people are just waking up to that fact.

up to this point i had been pulling really hard for hillary because of the way she unites the republican party, and could motivate conservatives. but, having watched a few obama speeches i just can't get over what an empty suit he is. he's all fluffy rhetoric and short on real solutions. that said, i don't think mccain winning is the best thing to happen to the party... letting the dems take us down the dark path of liberalism may awaken America to how good they've had it under the careful watch of Republicans.

julie is mostly right

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julie is mostly right that obama and clinton don't differ that much on the issues. and while i think experience and intelligence should be highly valued when choosing your elected leaders, i, personally, am totally okay with going with that plus a "feeling" this time around. you can call it naivete or fluff or whatever you want, but i'm ready for someone that i can feel proud of, ready for someone to feel inspired by. no question that hillary does that for many. i just can't shake the feeling that everything is so calculated with her. and, no one is more surprised than me by this, but i've grown tired of bill clinton politics.

to address travis' point about solutions -- most of us know that solutions, results, getting things done, really depends on congress. in my opinion, the president's role is to have the vision, and to be a unifier. i think no matter what, hillary is one for two there.

i think that missed the point

i was just watching hillary at a town hall and she was rattleing off goals and projets shed work on without resulting to the platitudes that obama relies on. maybe the MLK/LBJ analogy really holds a lot of truth - the dreamer v. the brass tacks politician

 i can't wait for you all to nominate obama. i don't think we need hillary to unite the party - which is a favorite joke of the pundits.  Mccain's speech was a home run at CPAC today... pitch perfect.

 i felt very proud of W, until he sold the conservative cause out time after time after time.  He stuck to his guns, literally, on Iraq and for that I think history will be kind to him. even if they hysterical liberals won't. if you don't think the success of the surge is what's propelled mccain to the nomination you're crazy.

 there's a lot more then the "vision thing" to being a successful president. how else would you explain a lame duck president holding the line on iraq over a wildly popular newly elected congress?

eitherway, we'll have our first sitting senator to become president since jfk come november...


well said

just look at the BS she's trying to pull in Fla and tried to pull in Nevada.  she seems to me to have a win-at-all-costs mentality that at times overwhelms common ethical principles.  i, too, am first to wince when voters select candidates based on gut feelings, appearance and other, superficial qualities.  but there is something to be said for a candidate's ability to inspire.  an inspirational president can inspire a people, and an inspired, reinvigorated people can restore our nation's greatness.  obama's got the others beat on that.


if you think obabma wouldn't be doing the same if he won those states i have a bridge to sell you.

i've never understood why liberals disdain gut choices. its the essence of politics. either you trust your gut or you dont.

Feeling Inspired

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is great, if you think that will be consolation enough for you in November after Mcain wins the general election (and this is in no way an endorsement nor am I agreeing with Travis.  Its just an observation that it would take a ridiculous upset for Obama to ever win against that guy and I'm afraid that as far as upsets go this year, the Giants used up all of that Karma that was going around).

And "Bill Clinton politics" merely represents the only time in recent memory that the Dem party grew enough of a pair to take on the GOP and win on their terms (the last house elections don't count because that was a referendum on Bush and nothing else).  Do you think the swiftboat people would have gotten away with as much as they did in the last election if Kerry hadn't distanced himself from Bill ealry on in the election and instead had him around like Hillary does?  I'm not sure what "ethical principles" are when it comes to elections - and I'm really not sure what Hillary has done thus far that would be considered unethical other than running a hard campaign (in terms of ethics and change - do you think Obama is really raising all this money from door to door $20 donations?  He's as deep in the machinations of a typical political campaign as anyone else.  He has just hasn't been as transparent about it).

But if you think that the stakes are high enough that another Republican in office would be a really dangerous thing, then I would suggest thinking about who could actually challenge the GOP in November rather than who is the most polite.  Obama's plan to competely withdraw all troops and basically end all military presence in Iraq by 2009 is problematic (and improbable) enough - but if were to happen it will take more than "inspiration" to negotiate and accomplish such a feat.

jerry, i have to

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jerry, i have to respectfully disagree with you on several points. i think obama has a better chance to beat mccain in the general election than clinton. i agree with travis that hillary can unify the republican party--more than any speech mccain gives at CPAC. and obama's fundraising efforts are another a testament to his electability - the fact that he has more "average" people, in more states, giving is incredible. plus, mccain's lets keep troops in iraq for 100 years is frankly more problematic and isn't going to resonate well with a lot of americans.

i'm tired of the clinton's win-at-all-costs tactics. deceptively misrepresenting obama's comments about reagan, the "fairy tale" remarks, the MI and FL delegate thing--enough already. hillary isn't running against the GOP yet; the campaign should at least try to hold onto some ethics until the time comes, if it does.

all this being said, i will absolutely support whomever gets the nomination, but right now i'm pretty excited about electing someone who is more than just competent, knowledgeable, and runs a good hard campaign.


I'm guessing they are the same on the issues

But for me I guess, anti-war; anti-lots of money for militaries in latin america to fight drugs; pro-immigration (anti-walls, pro-asylum, pro-looking at why people immigrate to begin with which has a lot to do with US policy); pro-gay marriage. Among other things.

if all those policies represent change

then obama's for them.