The Place is mine!

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Done and done. I have a place to live. I move in on the 30th.

Here is the listing. I took video, but I forgot the plugin, so will upload those tonight.

after 1.5 days, I am really enjoying London.  



I covet your built-ins

This place is absolutely adorable! I am so impressed by your efficiency- that was so quick! Hope the first days at work have been good-- has the drink cart made its appearance in the office yet?

Love the window in the loo

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Can't wait till you pick up on that brittish accent! Will it be obvious in your blog posts too? I certainly hope so. The place looks great

that flat is bloody brilliant



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mere, it is positively adorable! i love the built-in bookcases, the windows in the kitchen, the bath - it so cute! i am so happy that your london life is starting off so smoothly.

I second the book shelves!

That is one of my dreams. Also love the hard wood floors. It looks perfect. I thought it was going to be furnished?