Tracy Morgan is Tracy Jordan


Tracy Morgan went crazy on local El Paso TV recently. The YouTube title suggests he's drunk, but I think that's just Tracy. The line between Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan is thin, blurry and possibly non-existent.


Off topic: Sedaris

Also on BuzzFeed is a collection of articles that show how David Sedaris is fibbing more than a little bit in his allegedly non-fiction books.  Unfortunatly the main expose is behind a paywall.


I wish I could read his mind grapes to see what was going on in there.

i defintely lol'd

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i can't believe i missed him when he came through vabeach.


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I think the joke about somebody getting pregnant he did on the show a few weeks ago. That is amazing. I don't think he is acting on 30 rock or else because Tina Fey worked with him for so long she can just write exactly like he is and its funny. I used to think that he might be the hardest one to write for, but no more. It must just be having an intern follow him around with a microphone and just using that.


30 Rock

I wish 30 Rock was on every day.