Moving Day Part 2

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So the moving is over sort of. The movers came yesterday, after a mix up where they first showed up at my office instead of my house. So they showed up a few hours late, I realized that I didn't have any money to tip them so my karma is now gone. The boxes were unpacked and after 6 months of not seeing all this stuff and wearing the same thing over and over, I realized I have way too much stuff. So now everything is all over the floors as I go through all my clothes and random things and decide what to throw away. I have done the kitchen so far and started to do my t-shirts. I feel like this might take me a week or two to have everything the way I want it.

I also realized that I have no idea where to put anything. Highly frustrating. I can't tell what looks good anymore. And I have a lot of random stuff. And way more William and Mary stuff then I thought I did.  


If you ask me

you can never have too much w&m stuff, and you'll fit right in in london showing off your love for the king and queen. Moving always sucks but you'll get settled. Just have a bottle of wine handy to help you through. And your favorite tv show on DVD in the background.

is "she's the sheriff" on dvd now?