Let's talk about sytycd


I am loving this season. I really like Joshua and Katy and Twitchington the best i think right now. Last night I loved Mandy Moore's contemporary with Gev and his partner and of course I bawled during the viennese waltz. I also like the "quirky" guy and his blonde partner who did the Argentine tango last night. Will is going to win it all.

Mary has just gone off her rocker but it cracks me up every time. She clearly plans out her little catch phrases far in advance and practices them. I still love her.



Watched this episode today

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and of course was crying at the waltz. OMG so good. I think Mandy Moore is obsessed with the 80s and while I love that, it sometimes gets a little much.

Oh so good. Love the show! 

Susie's street salsa sucks


Finally catching a season from the beginning, and I've hated Susie from the start. She reminds me of the teacher from Varsity Blues who runs into her students at the strip club. If Susie's not already poll dancing, the rejection she receives from being booted from the show should put her there soon.

And what about Mia and Nigel's fight after the Viennese waltz? Personally, I'm on Mia's side and think it's weird that Kerrington never stops smiling. I'd like to see a little more "reality" in her performances as well.

it was like watching my parents fight

made me uncomfortable and reluctant to choose sides.  all i can say is that i appreciate the diversity of opinion and the intelligence of their commentary.  it is a refreshing change from paula's inane ramblings and randy's monotony.


Great season so far, though I'm already tired of Mandy Moore's routines.  The royal couple and diamond thief routines were little too literal and schtick-y for me.  I did like Gev and Courtney though.  Think he did really well.

 I feel like a handful of the couples last night got shafted with shitty choreography and, in thayne and chelsea's case, bad costumes.  Poor Comfort - she's the queen of krump, pulls the krump card, and Lil C (of Rize fame) choreographs this lifeless number.  There's not much she could've done with it.  Nigel nailed her partner - "mommy, i have to go pee pee".  Perfect call.

I thought the broadway number was the best couple's performance of the night, followed by the Argentine tango.  I dug the nostalgic feel of the foxtrot number (and was prepared to hate it).  Only Mary would quibble with the footwork. 

I agree with Julie that it's Will's to lose.  On the girl's side, I think Chelsea (the compact black girl) is the front runner.

 Bottom three: Marquis and Susie, Chris and Comfort, Chelsea and Thayne. 

Going home: Chris and Susie.

I am downloading the season

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from the internet, but am a few weeks behind. And now I don't have the internet but please keep updating me so I know what to expect. Love it.