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So when Nigel mentioned there were 4 outstanding performances who was he referring to Twitchington Hightower's routine - which i adored Hot samba with braces - which i also loved and who else ???


I heart Joshua (and SPOILER)

Got to finish Wednesday night's episode and watch the results last night. I L-O-V-E Joshua. I love his braces. I love his tight pants. I hope he makes it to the final four.

I thought Mohawk lady was just a little too much. I wouldn't be saddened not to see her again. Ever.

Thank heaven that Chris is out the door. Now if we could just get Thayne to follow...

Down with Thayne!

He grosses me out. I was surprised Chelsea left but not really bothered by it. She was too muscly.

i heart you too

chelsea was robbed.  it should've been comfort and chris.

i thought the mohawk lady was cute - looked like one of the road warriors that showed up at gary and wyatt's house party at the end of weird science.  also liked her dance.  she's definitely there to fill the gaping hole left by wade robson.

i think the fourth top 4 was the disco.  they stumbled but more than made up for it.

going home


Your local expert (retired) says, the orange jump suit couple is safe, the workaholic couple is safe, the samba couple (with Joshua) is safe and, of course, Joshua's dad is safe.  Where's Amy (your other local expert), she knows and has done the splits much more recently than me.

The crazy mohawk lady's dance maybe

I thought the cartoon dance was very cool. They liked that didn't they?

I looooved the workaholic dance, I will watch it again tonight for the third time. Everything else I agree with the judges and hope hope hope that Thayne goes home because I hate him.