Happy Birthday Meredith!!

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Hope it's a great one. Here's to hoping your day is filled with good food, good friends and Phil Stacey finally getting the boot on AI. It's time to GO!! Now if Sanjaya can just finagle the producers to let that girl in the audience come every week. He might really sail into a top spot. I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Simon's comment hit the nail on the head - and what was with his family's excessive display of chest. All of them - sister, mother, aunt. Was a bit much for me. Jordin rocked the house last night - she's edging her way up there night after night!



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it will only be blake and chris r left with the girls. the other boys stink. and i am wierdly okay with sanjaya sticking around another week, at least for entertainment purposes. the sceens with the girl freaking out was almost as good as that contestant who idolized clay aiken and then almost peed himself with clay came on stage. i'm not at all annoyed by blake--i love him. jordin did shine too.

Happy birthday!

Who was that wailing girl? It was very bizarre. Jordin was my favorite of the night, I thought she was awesome. I still thought Sanjaya was terrible and uncomfortable to watch.


i think that girl was just freaking out to be there in general, she kept bawling after that. and they just played it up as sanjaya b/c she was probably in the way back, and they moved her up to that seat for him. it didn't seem like she was sitting next to anyone w/ her, and she was in front of the producer or something. so ridiculous.

sanjaya was even creepier i thought. and phil stinks poo. and stephanie was bo-ring. and chris s. does nothing for me. but haley is hot. and jordin is amazing. and lakisha should've done the other song, imo.


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Hilarious last night on AI! I could not stop laughing. The crying girl was so funny. Sanjaya was terrible, phil is totally going to go. Jordin was great. I think Lakisha should have done the song that LuLu told her to do and not the diamonds are forever song. Blake at first I was sort of annoyed with the breakin' but you know what? I love it. He is great. Melinda as always was better then anyone else.


i think it made lakisha look even worse by them showing how lulu tried to convince herto do the other song, and pleaded with her, and then she didn't take lulu's advice. it could've gone either way, like "lakisha totally made the right choice - she nailed it! amazing! she is THAT good she knew better than lulu!" but instead, i felt like it wasn't all that and it seemed like "why the heck didn't you listen to the professional who is there to coach you? do you think you're that good and can ignore the help?" not that lulu is the end all be all, but still. i agreed with her, and i thought she was great.


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Have no idea how she is famous, but she was great with those contestants. Would love to see her come back as a judge and she can sing too. Thought Chris R really stepped it up last night too. Without the bopping around he really had a strong performance. Thought it blew away Blake who sounded sort of off to me. But the judges disagreed. Think his song was a really difficult one though.

Me too!

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I thought she did such a good job with the girls.

I liked Chris R. but I just can't help giggling like a school girl when someone break dances. I love it.  


lulu rocks. she did some real coaching too! i actually liked the way blake sounded last night, but his JT moves are the ones that really get on my nerves. i wish he would stop the boy-band moves, or at least tone them down. he's not hot enough to pull off that cheesey crap with the beat boxing too. and i didn't love chris r as much as the judges, tho i've always been a fan. i think he drags notes up and down way too long sometimes.