Finale Predictions (and spoiler)


Was anyone else surprised to see Courtney knock Chelsie out of the top 4?  Did not see that one coming.  I think I really want to see Twitch win it-- what do you think?


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Twitch and Joshua were hospitalized over the weekend for dehydration.

Story here.


twitch's glasses have become too much an affectation for me.  still, in the affectation department, he's not in the same league as suede or blayne.  have i mentioned how much i despise them?

Leather lady is just as bad

I'd take tan-boy over her any day

i look forward to disagreeing with you at the lake


I was surprised

I was a hightower fan. I'm definitely hoping Joshua pulls out the win though! I love his pearly whites.

Me too

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I thought she was good. I loved the little kid who was a breaker. That was great! That was so cute.

Josh all the way!

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He's my favorit by far now yhat we have lost Will