Can we talk about the red-headed girl and her boyfriend. Natalie and William is it? I am confused about where all of the judges' venom came from. I feel like we must have missed something behind the scenes, like they were overheard bragging that they were going to win or something. It made no sense to kick Natalie off that early but they were holding her to a much higher standard than the other dancers for some reason. I hope William is great because I thought Mia and Lil'C were terrible to him and he took it very maturely.


Early favourites

for me are Kupono (sp?) and the broadway guy.  It's too early to tell with the women.  What do you all think?

I was glad to see that Mia was not involved at all in week 1 of the dancing.  Maybe Mary is so annoyed with her that they will minimize her role this season.  I for one hope so!!


i totally agree.  they loved her so much - like the light-skinned black girl - so why not give the red-head the same kind of second (and third) chance?  why not let her dance for her life?  seemed really harsh.


and where the f was sonia?  she singled those two out for being spectacular (which no other choreographer appeared to do) and then she just sat there and let them kick her off like that?  what kind of temperamental artiste is she?  all that passion and pathos - where was it?!?!


(admin note- WTF was with that title dude?)

Finally caught up

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Yeah - It really did not make sense that they talked about how amazing she was and then really were quite mean when they made her leave.

I thought Mia and Lil C were really mean to Brandon. I thought he was good, I don't know why they were so sticking on personality. 

The two brothers - I actually thought they should have let the older brother on the show since he was the one who did all the work, I did think that he made the mistake of making his solo the thing with the whoopie cushion, that was fine for auditions, but he should have brought something different for the final solo. I guess that is why he isn't in anymore.