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So I am just catching up on last week - Be aware - if you are a fan of SYTYCD on Facebook - they will totally tell you who gets kicked off on Friday which is REALLY ANNOYING. But back to last week.

My favourite was the Mandy Moore dance. I got teary (of course) and then felt better about it when the judges did too! I love that MM always does 80s style dances and music. It makes me happy.

And I like Philip. 

I also liked the crash test dummies and the bollywood dance. I leave this post to everyone to discuss this week as well since I will have to download it and will try to watch this weekend. 


My DVR is messed up

It keeps taping only 1.5 hours of the 2 hour show - so frustrating!  I still really like Evan and have a soft spot for Kupono.  I'm glad he got paired with Kayla who I think is amazing - my favorite of the women.  I loved their waltz last night (which is usually the kiss of death).

And I agree about Mia.  I'd be happy if she never judged again.  I'm not sure Mary Murphy wants her up there either.

I heart evan

I have a little crush on Evan, and I don't know if I'm just a sucker for the whole backstory about him and his brother, or if I just think he's adorable.  I'm also a Phillip fan

 Also, may I just give note to what a SUPER b*tch Mia Michaels was about Brandon in the final Top 20 judging?  No question that Mia is my fave choreographer-- I think she's genius and she always picks the best music-- but she is such a high and mighty MF when it comes to throwing her opinions around as a judge.  I feel like I made this same comment last season-- at least she's consistent?

My favorites

My favorite couples who I think will go all the way are Ade and the ballerina and Janette and Brandon. Tonight going home: Jonathan and probably his partner.


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Yeah - He really wasn't cutting it. It is so hard for the ballroom guys their solos just look stupid.

I like Evan - but I think I like his brother more, I wish the brother had made it. 

Ade and the ballerina are great. Their dance was my favourite of the night.