Let's talk about SYTYCD. SPOILERS


Ade's solo last night was amazing. I'm glad he was in the bottom 3 so that we could see it. The judges made the right decision, Phillip was never going to do great at the other styles and they didn't get a crack at Evan, who needs to go. I hope America gets it right.

 Btw, did everyone know this about the relationship between Michael Jackson and Wade?



Ade solo WAS awesome, and Phillip needed to go.  But I thought that Jason's solo was also pretty amazing-- hadn't thought much of him in a while, but I was impressed.

With these vote-offs, I'm not sure who's next, and I'm not really ready to see anyone go.  Maybe Jeanine.  But not really-- this is going to be a tough next few weeks!

As usual, I was freak-out obsessed with Mia Michaels' routine with Kupono and Kayla.  And the jewel thief routine with Brandon and Janette was unreal.