Jeanette got screwed by two boring dances. It's amazing how much the choreography dictates the winners and losers. And who is voting for Evan! I just don't get it, he has got to go. If he ends up in the finals I will be shocked. I am now pulling for Brandon and Jeanine. I loved the Battlefield dance, I've watched it like six times.


Finale prediction

I'm so excited about tonight's episode, with the caveat that I'm really bummed that Jeanette's got voted off last week-- she should be in this.

I'm guessing that Evan (still think he's adorable, but can't believe he's still around) and Melissa are going tonight.  And I think she'll get voted off simply b/c she got screwed with Evan as a partner!

Ade is my fave-- I'd love to see him win.  Or maybe Kayla-- I know I don't have a clue what I'm talking about, but her lines REALLY ARE amazing.  The judges say it every week, and I agree.

I LOVED battlefield too

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and also watched it over and over again.  Ade is my favorite right now.  I do love melissa too, and janette got screwed.  Think Mia's comment didn't help her.  Bet everyone figured people would vote for her and so they didn't.  Plus who is going to vote against breast cancer?? 

so sad

I loved Jeanette - she and Kayla were my top 2.  I thought Melissa and Evan should have gone home.  I guess Evan is getting the pre-teen girl vote???

I really don't care about any of the guys, although Ade and Jason were probably in the top half for me.  This year is all about the women (I think).