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Finally, Veronica is back! Besides all of the mystery-of-the week stuff, the key part of the episode was obviously the big K-I-S-S. I have been a fervent LoVe fan all along and a Piz-hata but I will say that by the end of the episode I was so mad at Logan and that stupid cake that I wanted Veronica to kiss Piz and I was glad it happened so I may be sort of pro-Piz, though I think in the end Veronica and Logan are destiny. Though destiny may be cut short by the show getting cancelled or changing format.


watched this weekend

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And I loved it. The MySpace girls was great. i have to say, I always liked Piz better then Logan. I never liked her and Logan together, he was a jerk from the beginning and she just wanted to change and redeem him not actually love him or have anything in common with him. Piz on the other hand is funny, smart and cute and has his own cool talk radio show (very This American Life hipster cool) and way better for Veronica then Logan.
I don't like Keith as the sherriff again, he has turned all mean and law-abiding which I guess is what happens when you become sherriff again. I don't really like the one-off mysteries as much as the long story arc, but I forgive it. 


Piz is on new grey's anatomy! He plays the new "hot guy" in Addison's new doctor's office. Very cute. Looks like he won't be around for VM next season, if there is a VM next season.

if he ends up on that show

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I will be totally sad because he won't be on VM, but VM might not be around. This might also make me watch the new show since I don't watch grey's and Piz is on the spin-off, I think it will get added.

LO a hata? shocker.

I thought it was a great ep. The fake id stuff was pretty funny. though i think i liked keith mars more when he wasn't sherriff.

Dick is still my favorite character. its always a better show when he's more involved. you knew the logan-veronica-piz triangle was building i think it should make for a good end of the season/series.


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I am still a hata- I can't believe I waited that long for that!!!  The cake was totally teh worst part- I almost barfed.  I love that mac is going to have an affair with teh test guy with the hooker gf- that was good- the rest standk.  And what are the chances that the restaurant is vandialized 2x in 2 days and the paint ball was random?  please...  I love that Veronica told them to get the visine.  I also loved when logan and mac had all those movie high school memories- heehee.  And I like that teh fake IDs came back into the mix.  Next week looks liek a turd.  And is parket suppossed to be wearing a wig?  so annoyed by that still.


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So VM didn't tape last night! arrgghhh! Going to have to look into the scheduling. I thought it was off until next year.

I have always liked Piz better then Logan so I am glad that she gets rid of him.