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Make Adam Lambert the next AI

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Can we talk about how good Adam Lambert was last night? I love "Tracks of my Tears," and I love his tender, tender version.

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American Idol is on here!

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I came home tonight and flipping through the channels and what do I see? But American Idol is on in the UK. It is on Thursday and Friday nights, but it is on! Exciting. I can still do my recaps, granted they will be a few days late. This probably means I am not going to be in on the pool, because you will all have the advantage of seeing it days ahead of me. 

A high school student, an actress, a bartender. Which one is going back home. Last AI Post.

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This will be my last AI recap for a while. If someone would be good enough to do highlights next week I would be forever grateful. I will do Pop Idol recaps for everyone who can’t watch those.  

Ryan had to shorten his This..Is.. because there are so many things going on this week. 3 songs each! I think Simon does botox. His forehead is sooo smooth. This week the song s are Judges choice, contestant choice, producers choice.

David A – They are in his hometown, onstage. Crazy dad in the background. I loved that his dad got banned from backstage.  And So it goes by Billy Joel. Paula picked the song. He looks so scared every time he is up there. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! When did this song come out? I don’t think it was on my best of billy joel CDs. 1989 was when the song came out. (thanks google) that was after my Billy Joel phase. Randy thinks he is in it to win it. Paula thinks he was great. Simon said it was predictably good.

If one of you ends up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I owe someone 50 bucks

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Ryan is begging you to vote for the top 4. I am pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen. Randy has a shiny shirt on. This week is rock and roll hall of fame songs and I am sure that there are going to be some terrible choices. Did everyone read the article in EW about how they pick songs. It was an interesting article, but they contestants are pathetic. Since brooke and david A are mormons, they didn’t like any ND songs because all his songs are about drinking and women. Lame. Also they talk about how David’s dad is crazy controlling.

David Cook – Hungry like the wolf!!!! Duran Duran I heart them. I feel like he is yelling the song and so it didn’t sound as good as I hoped it would be. LC I am sure you loved the Simon LeBon. Randy thought it was OK. Paula is creepy. Simon thought he didn’t make it his own but good enough for next week.

Please don’t sing We’re Coming to America

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When I spent a lovely time at the Wenderoffs and got to listen to Howard Stern in the morning, Howard was bothered by Ryan's "This...Is....AmericanIdol" voice and now I can't stop thinking about how much I hate it too! Big night – Neil Diamond. Awesome. They are going to suck. Each contestant is singing two songs. I would love to see Neil Diamond in concert. Has anyone ever seen him? They are doing the recap of Neil’s songs, I got chills thinking about some of his songs and how much I <heart> them.

Wow has he had work done on that face. He looks years younger then before.  He is smooth. I think it is botox.

Jason Castro – Forever in blue jeans  and September Morn – Of course he doesn’t know any of the songs and sings the wrong song in front of ND. He does a good job with the surfer dude version of FIBJ. It is a little weak, but that is his voice. You know I feel like I am just singing the song in my head about how much I love it and I can’t say that his version blew me away. Randy thought it was OK. Simon said forgettable. Andrew Llyod Webber week!

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This…Is…American Idol. Why can’t Ryan just say it all in one breath and not 17? OOOOOO David Duchvony is in the house! Still hot. Just want to again link to the Larry Sanders Show when he was on. So it is Andrew Lloyd Webber night and since I am a huge musical theatre nerd. I love it! They have a big orchestra which should be interesting. I wonder who is going to do something from Cats! Or Don’t Cry for me Argentina. I love that song/play/movie (I cry every time).

Wow ALW has had a lot of work done. But it must be great to meet him. I am totally going to gush about him. I love so much of his stuff. I don’t think they are going to do very good. ALW said that they need to be able to interpret the words well and I think Jason Castro is not up to that task. I am again not acknowledging Paula.

Mariah Carey has that many #1's

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Down to 7 and up to you. – Only an hour this week and it is Mariah Carey week.(!) Why is Mini Driver there? Ryan is asking people why they didn’t vote for Michael Johns last week.  Introduce the American Idols – I was reading online that Sayesha needs to sex it up a bit if she is going to say on. I guess she did.

Mariah – Of course she brought her dog to the meeting with the AI kids.

David A – He thinks he is not worthy to be in her presence. I didn’t think he would know who she is. Why does Mariah need a Hello Kitty band-aid on her hand. I have no idea of the song she he is singing. He is so Adult Contemporary radio. His voice is nice but whatever. Is he wearing leather pants? That is weird. Randy thought he can sing anything and it was the BOMB. David’s dad has a Newies hat.  Simon thought it was good. Ryan asks if he ate today. Does he have an eating disorder? That is not nice to ask about on the show.

Ok, I'll bite...

I almost didn't watch because I got home late and saw that it was Inspirational songs... blah. boo.  But I'm glad I did, if only because I shocked myself - I loved loved loved John Castro's over the rainbow. Seriously. I couldn't believe it. When the show started and they were all on stage I actually thought upon first glance that he was a character from the L Word.  He has not only never done anything for me in past performances, but also I decided somewhere along the way that he annoyed me terribly.  And all of the sudden, in the midst of my eye-rolling exasperation with that ukelaly (how do you spell that?), I was stunned into paying attention when realized I was loving it.

Michael Johns is just awful, I'm sorry I can't get over it. And knowing how Josh can pull off an ascot, the guy just doesn't have a chance.  I agreed with everything Simon said, except I don't think Kristi Lee is a star (but she's smart and works her fan base) and I love Brooke. I just do.

So Glad No One Did 9 to 5

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Housecleaning items first -  I would like to the Wenderoff’s for letting me stay at their awesome pad for the week. I have to go to London next week so someone else will have to do the recap. Any takers? Also, I am not writing what Paula says anymore she is insane and her input is meaningless.

Terrible April Fool’s joke from Ryan to start the show.  Stupid joke. Nine great performances in only an hour. Isn’t it great that we are down to an hour. Paula does not look crazy tonight.

Dolly Parton bio – Who knew she had 25 number 1’s.

The cast meet’s Dolly – I am fascinated by her face, it’s like she looks young but the total opposite at the same time.  Awesome silver shiny dress. She seems very nice.

Brooke – Singing Joleen. I am not sure Dolly was really excited about Brooke ruining her song. Brooke looks old. Big fake eyelashes. I think she is doing a rendition that you would hear in a bar it was just OK. F-ing high-waisted pants. Randy did not find it stellar, thought it was alright. Simon thought it was odd and thought it wasn’t one of her best performances.

You will ruin a song from the year you were born

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New week – top 10 they get the big bucks in AI terms. Intoductions randy is fine. Paula looks f-ing crazy and simon looks the same hotness as ever. Theme this week is sing a song from the year you were born. This week is going to make me feel very very old.

Ramiele- 1987 – Alone – Carrie Underwood did this song as well. Ugh formal shorts. Why has that fad not left yet.  It makes her look shorter then she actually is. She is screaming! It is not pretty. Hated it!!! Randy makes excuses about being sick, says that it was pitchy and not good for him. Paula says she is pretty. WTF is paula wearing?@!? Simon thought it was OK, and it was better then last week which was appalling.

Another Beatles Week? Why?

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So  I missed the first hour but I thought that I would just do the second hour. So you are going to have to make your decision on the first hour by yourself. Let’s get to it.

Oh they are already doing the “my favorite moment of American Idol so far” vamp piece.

Carly – I like her, but blackbird. I love this song. Don’t mess it up. I have decided that I hate the “mosh pit”. I like her shirt, it has shiny roses around the collar, I think it is cute. Her voice is great, I am not a huge fan of the arrangement though.  Overall I would say a 7 of 10. OOOOO they showed her husband on his tattoo face side. Awesome. Randy loved it.  Paula says she is F for fantastic. Simon thought it was a bad choice he thought it was indulgent. She is really talking back, it’s weird. Simon is now uncomfortable. The judges have just devolved into jibberish.   Um – she got a tattoo of the number 7 on her finger for season 7 of American Idol. Weird, but not all that surprising.  I am almost surprised that she hasn’t gotten a tattoo for each of the songs she has sung.

Tonight is your night to ruin a Beatles song

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New AI set – New year of recaps. First I would like to thank Julie and Jerry for letting me stay the week and eat their amazing food and sleep in their extra room. Also I would like to thank LK for doing the pool again.

So new set – lots of circles moving, a mosh pit. It is like a MTV movie awards but totally not.
Introduction of the judges. Does Randy have big sideburns? Terrible. Paula looks drugged. Simon has on a sexy unbuttoned shirt. Ryan’s hair is sort of triangular.
Lennon/McCartney songs tonight. Sweet. Which ones are they going to totally f-up. I wonder if someone would do Sgt. Pepper. That will be great terrible.
Simon is pissed at Ryan. I think the low shirt comment pissed him off.

You now are in the top 12

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Get ready for next year when you are performing at the next Bat Mitzvah. (Sanjaya!)

80s Style Boys

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I don't know wny they don't start out with 80s night on the first week of the top 24 so I get to hear more 80s songs. I love the 80s. I think most of the boys did well. I think that I mostly like the songs so I really was just thinking about how much I love the 80s music and not totally paying attention. I liked the young one, the stripper, the aussie, the combover and...

I cannot believe that the hippie did a Jeff Buckley song. He does not have a haunting and wonderful voice like JB. And that last high note was just terrible and he knew it. 

AI the boys

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Um - why has no one mentioned that Jason Yeager is wearing a 1/2 broken heart necklace that I totally had in the 4th grade? I am embarrassed for him. I thought you all said that the boys were good? This is the first week I have heard the boys, and I was not impressed.

Edit - I wrote this before I actually finished watching the boys, and I can't believe Paula started crying. David was good, but she is too much. I love it. 

Totally irrelevant to AI - Deus Ex Malcontent was fired from CNN for being a blogger. If you haven't read the site before -

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