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Because it would be weird

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To work on the 4th of July and because I am missing the parties in DC. I am taking the day off and flying to Dublin to visit Jojo and Kieran. Psyched!

Moving Day Part 2

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So the moving is over sort of. The movers came yesterday, after a mix up where they first showed up at my office instead of my house. So they showed up a few hours late, I realized that I didn't have any money to tip them so my karma is now gone. The boxes were unpacked and after 6 months of not seeing all this stuff and wearing the same thing over and over, I realized I have way too much stuff. So now everything is all over the floors as I go through all my clothes and random things and decide what to throw away. I have done the kitchen so far and started to do my t-shirts. I feel like this might take me a week or two to have everything the way I want it.

I also realized that I have no idea where to put anything. Highly frustrating. I can't tell what looks good anymore. And I have a lot of random stuff. And way more William and Mary stuff then I thought I did.  

Part 1 moving day

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I get the keys to my place today. I am still unsure on if there will be power, water etc since I never got an answer from the landlord. I know there will not be internet or TV. But this does mean that I am only 3 days from really living in one place for at least a year. The movers come tuesday. It is kind of weird. After 6 months of living in a suitcase. I am finally going to be able to stay in one place. Very exciting. I can't wait to live somewhere.

A Country Walk

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The other weekend I went with a few people out into the country for a lovely walk, we went to a town called Guilford and then walked a few hours, stopped for a pub lunch and kept trekking. The walk was supposed to be a 5 out of 10, it ended up being more like a 7 with our little detour, but it was a great day. Here are a few pictures. More at my flickr page

Old church in lovely little town

Bread Shop Named "Crumbs"

Rolling English Hills

My town for shoes

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While there are a fair amount of people in heels here. They majority of people wear flats. It is like a dream!! Also I was at the clarks store this weekend and I am considering buying the shoes that are like walking barefoot. If only their site was not all flash I would show the link. Lame! Also this morning I got up and no hot water. Terrible way to start the week.

A few more days a few more things

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It stil feels like I am on vacation and that I will be coming back in a week and well I don't know what. So glad I am here.

Last night I met up with megan and went a pub which will soon be down the block from me. Actually there will be many pubs down the block from me. In a funny coincident I think I am going to live close to subsidised housing again not across the street, more a block away. But really - At this point it would be weird not living by one anymore. 

I am obsessed with Indian Food.  I went to this place called "Pauls" that is supposed to have amazing sandwiches. it was just OK. 

The place I am staying now is on the 5th floor walk up, always out of breath getting to the room. they have 365 channels of satellite TV 300 are in arabic and 65 are porn. Very bizzare.

When I get on the tube to go home, I take the Piccadilly Line to CockFosters. It makes me laugh every time.

Last night was the championship league finals for soccer the game was played in Moscow so everyone was at the pubs drinking by 7. We ended up not watching by I took the trian home around 11 and had to walk over puke to get onto the train and then more really drunk people joined the car and I think I got a contact high from their alcohol level.

One more day this week, then 3 day weekend of me being a tourist. Psyched! 

The Place is mine!

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Done and done. I have a place to live. I move in on the 30th.

Here is the listing. I took video, but I forgot the plugin, so will upload those tonight.

after 1.5 days, I am really enjoying London.  


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