A few sad things

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First - So sad Obama's Grandma died today.

Second - What time is the sunset tomorrow - 4:19pm. I did not really think about the complete lack of daylight I was going to have living here. 

Third - My ipod stopped working almost 3 years to the day I bought it. I had to trek to the apple store in the rain for them to not actually figure out what is wrong, but make me come back later this week to get a new one for 40 pounds. I don't think that is too bad except I have this sinking feeling that a large amount of the stuff that is on my ipod I am just never going to be able to get on my new one for some reason or another. Granted - I really only listen to NPR podcasts anymore so it probably isn't a big deal. 

I will do my Italy update soon. I have just been buried in work the past 2 months and when I get home, it is sometimes hard for me to look at another screen. But tomorrow I will be watching the returns (live on the BBC) and I will do it then. 

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