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The Wire: Where Are They Now?

Jamie Hector - a k a Marlo Stanfield - will be featured on Heroes this season as villain Benjamin "Knox" Washington.

L&O Theme Song

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I have pretty much been watching some form of Law and Order since college. It was on like 4 times a day and at least one of those times was at 2am and I think I watched most of them. So I know the theme song like it is part of the theme song to my life.

Now that I have TV - there is channel 5 US and it is mostly US shows a few seasons behind. Positive side - We are still in the Lenny and Jesse Martin phase of L&O original - weirdness - New theme song! It is weird and unsettling. It is way more grungy and electronica then the original. 

They also have House and that theme song is different as well. What an odd thing to change. 

At least the scene changing "dong-dong" is still there.

Also - the wire is just on regular tv here. 

Lite Discussion Friday: Race in America

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Here’s an article, from, about the ubiquitous stuffwhitepeoplelike blog. The author, Gary Dauphin, admits that his main reason for disliking the site is because it is so successful. He reports that Lander, the creator, has already reportedly been offered a $350K-plus book deal from Random House. He says nothing gets under his skin, “like the spectacle of a twentysomething white kid doing what twentysomething white kids do all the time, namely, play on some or another aspect of their race for smug fun and profit.” Also interesting that he reports that Lander explains that he "came up with the idea for the blog after talking to a Filipino friend about how much they both liked the HBO police drama "The Wire."” Yet, “the SWPL entry on The Wire summarily disappears (or is that assimilates?) the Filipino friend….(I guess didn't have that magic ring).”

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (spoilers)


Going on record to say that was the best episode of the wire I have ever seen.

Namand (made me teary), Bubbles testimony (made me cry), Marlo and Chris going down, Lester taking Bunk's place of getting drunk with McNulty, Bunk getting the praise, Keema confessing, Snoop, Michael leaving his brother, poor Dukies, Templeton in hot water, what else? So much happened it was hard to keep up. I don't know how they wrap this up.

What do you think of the Wire so far?

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The City Paper's current issue headlines "What Happened to Our Show?" While I don't agree with many points, I do think the Wire has started off pretty weak. I love Gus, but there is too much of the newsroom. Or, at least too much of Templeton. I really don't like the Jason-Blair-esque storyline. And, McNulty and the made up serial killer seems a bit absurd.

I was encouraged by last week's episode because I want more Marlowe, more Omar, more detective work, more wire.





This The Wire related media roundup is great. Perhaps the best part is that Richard Belzer will reprise his role as conspiracy theorist / surly detective / sunglasses enthusiast John Munch.

Somewhat less exciting is that Chloe Dao from Project Runway II is designing cases for all your electronic crap.

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