Yes this is a real movie

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

This scene has the Mega shark taking down a plane in the air. At Flowing Data they have found an artists rendition of how this could happen. Also so you can see the video of it:

I had a book of quotes

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When I was a moody pre-teen and teenager I had two movies that I lurved. Say Anything and the Breakfast club. My god I watched that movie so many times. While not as many as the Princess Bride, it was pretty close.

I also had a quote book at some point and almost every quote was from the Breakfast club. I remember rewinding the tape over and over to make sure I had written down the quote correctly. thank god for the internet now and that i can just google all the quotes, but at the time that was not an option and they were in a book. 

So it is a terrible loss today of John Hughes. I LOVED his movies and I might have to download and watch a bunch of them this weekend. 

Some quotes. Add your own faves:

Andrew: We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.

Where the Wild Things Are

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This looks like it is going to be a magical movie. Can't wait til it comes out.

What movie are you going to see this weekend?

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Slumdog Millionaire
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Gran Torino
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Bride Wars
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Benjamin Button
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Total votes: 4

So I married and Axe Murderer

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Pajiba has a series on hangover movies and this week was So I married and axe murderer. Which I saw when it came out and had on VHS. My brother and I would watch this movie all the time and it has many things going for it

1 - Lots of cameos - Phil Hartman as vicki the Alcatraz Guard, Alan Arkin,  Amanda Plummer, Steven wright and charles grodin.

2 - Quoteable lines

  • We have a piper down! A piper is down! no wait he is just pissed
  • His head has its own weather system
  • Come Nadia - Let us dance like children of the night!
  • And Charlie - Light a Match!
  • I believe that all Scottish Cuisine is based on a dare
Ah - great memories, I might have to download this for viewing later


If you like The Wire, you'll love American Gangster

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Russell Crowe is not terribly annoying (actually quite good); Josh Brolin plays an excellent dirty copy; and my man Denzel Washington is fabulous as an entrepreneurial drug dealer. Remind you of anyone? Well, Stringer Bell even has a small part.

The movie is actually reminds me more of Heat in that there are two parallel stories: one cop and one criminal, and the criminal is really sympathetic. You kinda hate to see him go down.

I highly recommend it.

Jesus Camp

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Has anyone else seen JesusCamp? I watched it this weekend and it is creepy. It was nominated for an oscar last year and if you haven't seen it you should. It follows a few different evangelical families around before and after the go to this camp in the summer in North Dakota. These kids are indoctrinated into a culture that gives them no option to ask questions or find out answers for themselves. Its really scary. You should put it in your netflix queue.

Bourne Ultimatum

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I know Lange said she really liked the movie, but I saw it today and it was AWESOME. I have really been down on the action movies for a while but this one was great! Fight scenes were intense, the car crashes were un-real. There was an actual story to follow which was intense and made sense. Matt Damon is hot. It was a great movie and everyone should go see it in the theatre.

terrible news

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The new Fletch news is that the new Fletch will be... (drumroll)

Josh Jackson (Pacey from Dawson's Creek). WTF?  Terrible casting and I am very sad that there isn't someone better who can play Fletch. 

Best Action Films of All Time

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So one of my fav sites Pajiba has a new top 15 list of the best Action Films of All Time.

While I don't agree with all of them, (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) There are some great ones on the list including: Terminator 2, Aliens, The Professional, The Matrix (only the first one), Radiers of the Lost Arc.

Man I love Raiders. That is such a good movie, "That's just my pet snake Reggie!" All three of the Indy movies were great. I have to say, I used to watch Temple of Doom over and over again. Monkey Brains.

Other films that did not make the list which are also awesome: The Italian Job, True Romance, Gladiator. 

Don't know if this will show up here

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But a New Zealand movie called "Black Sheep" looks amazing.

The site has great jokes like: Why do scots wear kilts? Because sheep can hear zippers.

The premise for the movie:

There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand and only 4 million inhabitants. After a genetic experiment goes wrong, New Zealand's sheep start turning nasty, and it's the humans who begin bleating. preview below

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