Friday Night Lights

New Friday Night Lights Episodes Available On The Net!

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The season premiere is avilable to watch here.  Hopefully new episodes will be added as the season goes along.

FNL Will Be Back!

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Friday Night Lights will be back for season 3 - hooray! Honestly, football (in any form) is the only reason to have Direct TV. Subscribers get to see the new episodes first.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Sign this petition to keep FNL on the books for next year.  It may have been up and down this year, but still one of the best hours on tv.

FNL - If you need another reason to rent season one

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Great post from Slowly Going Bald.

Landry! Landry! - FNL Spoilers

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Again FNL was great this week.  I have always liked Landry from season one. He is that voice of reason and has the hilarious band Crucifictorius. That episode when he gets riggens to read of mice and men? Great one.

This week - I have to say I like Tyra and Landry together. He is so in love with her and its cute and someone finally treats her well. I really don't think she is taking advantage of him. I think he should have gone to the police when all that stuff went down, but what can you do. I got a little choked up when she broke up with him, his face was so crushed.

Other parts - When Matty told Julie he was mad at her and that he wouldn't go to the concert? Great stuff.

What was the deal with the Riggens/Lila/Jason love triangle? I don't like her whole christian conversion, but I don't think its going to last too many more episodes. I do love Riggens.  

I don't know why I waited so long

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I have just finished the second DVD of season 1 FNL and OMG this show is great. I have no idea why I doubted. And I don't watch football AT ALL. I ended up watching all 5 episodes in one sitting because I couldn't stop. Love it. I don't know why I doubted.

Please, just watch already!

i know some of you have always been watching - anj - and some have just started - suarez-  but the rest of you need to go add this show to your netflix queue immediately. It might have been the best new show of last year, but Heroes got more hype.

Coach Taylor and his wife are hands down the best tv parent couple ever. thats right, they trounce the Cohens.

 I can't wait to see how QB1 Matt Sarencen handles the pressure next year. And if you don't believe me, believe the sports guy:

Dillon Panthers

That was a pretty good finale considering they weren't sure if the show was going to be picked up and that it could have been a series finale. 

 i'm hoping that coach taylor showing up like that, with street running the meeting,  was a welcome back from the players and he won't be going off to TMU.

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