Veronica Mars

kinda psyched

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That I am here in brussels and after a day of walking around, eating cheese, fries, waffels and drinking wine, I come back to the hotel and yeah! Belgium TV is playing veronica mars season 2. In english.I haven't seen the sun in a while, but this day has ended up quite well.

OMG! PRudd on VM

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OMG! I was giddy like a school girl that Paul Rudd was on VM this week. I luuurrrvvvee him. And he was the hilarious loser rocker guy. Love it. You know, I am going to be totally sad when VM is cancelled and Piz goes to the other show. I love him. Logan sucks. Team Piz!

Seriously every line PRudd had was awesome. Calls Piz - Puss. Always confirm the accuracy of photos. That Veronica looks like a young Barbara Eaton. I am missing Night Court. Indie Rock or Rock Rock.

Then Dick Ghost Riding on YouTube and ran over his foot. F-ing hilarious.

Max and Mac and hot nerd on nerd action. They actually used real nerdy terms. Not Linux box, but pretty close and actually accurate.

And Leo is back as a deputy and he was a cutie the first time around. 

The Dude Abides

Finally, Veronica is back! Besides all of the mystery-of-the week stuff, the key part of the episode was obviously the big K-I-S-S. I have been a fervent LoVe fan all along and a Piz-hata but I will say that by the end of the episode I was so mad at Logan and that stupid cake that I wanted Veronica to kiss Piz and I was glad it happened so I may be sort of pro-Piz, though I think in the end Veronica and Logan are destiny. Though destiny may be cut short by the show getting cancelled or changing format.

RIP Sheriff Lamb

What a great twist at the end... hands down the best episode of the season.  This season had been missing that.  Mac's roommate is hot. it was good seeing logan move past his sulking phase. 
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