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Nice to Meet You

You are about to make some big decisions. We can help.

Giving over control of the first and potentially the last thing your customers see is hard to do. You have to trust in the process and have trust in the team you have chosen.

Meredith Bradshaw has worked with hundreds of companies to help them achieve their organizational goals through marketing and communications. Creating a brand experience that understands the customers and organization and how the two meet. 

From working at a global agency, Meredith has extensive experience of knowing how to get up and running quickly, who are the agencies and freelancers best aligned to the job, and what are the different organizational styles work best for different companies and nonprofits. 

Meredith has been the fixer, the counselor, and the cheerleader for organizations and nonprofits for the past 15 years. She is here to help you take the stress out of getting your marketing and communications to the next level. 

In her free time, Meredith spends a lot of time with her dog Benny and has a new quarantine passion for sourdough bread.   

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