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Let's Kick This Off


It's been a crazy 12 months. As I sit in my house, I have been thinking about what I want to do differently and what do I want to do that makes me happy. I have found a new love for baking bread, but that doesn't really cover it.

I have been having conversations with people over the past six months and a few things keep coming up:

  1. That I know and have worked with an incredible amount of talented people across agencies, companies, the world, and everyone is looking for either the next role that will inspire them, or they are looking for someone to help them do their job better. Either with actual arms and legs to get it done, or a sounding board to talk through a strategy.

  2. There are a lot of smaller organizations who are on the precipice of greatness or stepping up to that next level. They need executive help but don't have the ability to hire senior help full time. They need help concepting what a marketing and communications function can look like, is it just a sales tool, or have we passed that into how are we positioned as a brand, how can we create loyalty? They need to start thinking about setting up an internal comms function that helps keep teams connected. They need to figure out their executive profiling as well as how can sales and marketing and development all work together to the same goals.

This and many other challenges are what I love to solve. I am here to help. With experience both in the corporate world and nonprofits, I have seen how Fortune 100 companies are set up down to how an early stage start-up is using communications and a nonprofit can use marketing to achieve goals (and not just development goals).

So I am dipping my toes in the water, getting wet, and here to help.

More to come.

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